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A Grand Contribution

On Thursday 20 July Dick Osborne, Chair of the Community & Vocational Committee of the Club, visit the workshop of Tools for Self Reliance (TFSR) in Milton Keynes to present them with a cheque and to deliver a car full of old tools for refurbishment. The cheque for £650 is to held refurbish the grit blaster, an essential piece of equipment for refurbishing old and pitted metal tools.

Dick Osborne presenting the cheque to Mary with the grit blaster in the background.

A second allocation of funds, raised by the Club in conjunction with the International Committee, chaired by Jim Ellis-Jones, will go directly to a training centre in Africa that will train local people in the use of the tools being provided by TFSR in Milton Keynes. During the past year the activities of Rotraians at the Club has raised over £1,000 to support this excellent local charity.

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