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Do schools kill creativity?

The talk to Club members, wives and guests on 31 October was hosted by Club treasurer Ian Chapple. Ian explained that he had been “educational guardian” for one of his grandchildren while their parents were working abroad and he was being schooled in England. Ian was therefore very closely involved with the school and he felt that there was far too much emphasis on exams, performance and structured homework.

Ian Chapple introducing the vieo by Sir Ken Robinson

This led Ian to consider the broader issues of educations that led to this video. The video he introduced was by Sir Ken Robinson addressing the issue of “Do schools creativity?” and part of the TED series of presentations which can be accessed here. This was an amusing but thought proving presentation from a very gifted speaker. Following the video Ian led a discussion on the issues that had been raised. The video had clearly stimulated.

The discussion raised many different points including the following

  • Creativity can be lost because of not liking the teachers
  • Creativity is stifled because of time pressures in modern daily life
  • Creativity is difficult to manage because unless something can be measured it cannot be managed
  • Are other countries with very different education system e.g Finns more creative?
  • Creativity can be achieved via a technical education.
  • Creativity still needs a basis academic knowledge/understanding
  • Creativity is a subjective judgement so how to include it in the curriculum
  • Creativity can be achieved if you allow teachers more autonomy to manage class and pupils
  • English school classes too crowded for teacher autonomy
  • Creativity applies to all disciplines not just arts

In thanking Ian for his presentation David Swain congratulated him on doing something different, he had been creative.

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