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Talks 2017-18

  1. Heavens above by Howard Mann
  2. Pilates by Jo Taylor
  3. All about bees by Gill Brewer
  4. SSAFA by Neil Bloomfield
  5. A Walk on the Wild Side by Dickie Bird
  6. The Primrose Unit by Madeleine Williams
  7. Flitton & Greenfield in WW1 by Margaret Butt
  8. Rotary's involvement with polio eradication by Jim Ellis-Jones
  9. Are schools killing creativity? by Ian Chapple
  10. Genealogy by Heather Baker
  11. Heart matters by Ann Parker & David Ward
  12. CVS by Martin trinder
  13. Beijing and beyond by Colin Dowding
  14. Farming diversification by Isobel Middleton 
  15. Sage Words by Cliff Hayes

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