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Talks 2016-17

  1. History & activity of Red Cross by Natasha Robertson
  2. Sense: charity for deafblindness by Lydia Clark
  3. DADDS by Steve Finney
  4. Night of Nostalgia by Howard Mann
  5. Families United Network by Diane Rhodes
  6. Visit to Holyland by Barry Collett & Andrew Johnson
  7. Lets light up Barton by Abigail Miller
  8. Raleigh Experience in Nicaragua   by Rebecca Smith
  9. Dun the Robber   by Paul Healy
  10. "A Hull of a Visit" by Derek Hardy
  11. Sense by Lydia Clark
  12. Britsh Red Cross by Natasha Robertson
  13. Wines of Spain by Emma Briffett
  14. First Grand National by Steve Williams

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