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Talks 2013-14

  1. Insight into bee keeping by Adrian Lake
  2. Plans for Rotary year 2014-15 by Jenny Muir DGE
  3. Australian & New Zealand visit by Colin Dowding
  4. Plans for next Rotary year by Bob Knowles
  5. CAFFE by Luke Doyle
  6. Role of Police Commissioner by Olly Martins
  7. Astronomy by Howard Mann
  8. Living Landscapes by Ruth Sneath
  9. Marketing for Rotarians by Stefan Drew
  10. Role of Britsh Heart Foundation by Georgia McCormack
  11. Using the internet for holidays by John Guinn
  12. Humanists by Charles Bailey
  13. Job talk by Colin Dowding
  14. Animal transportation by Peter Kettlewell
  15. DG Gavin Plews visits the Club
  16. Luton Foodbank by Liz Stringer
  17. Job talk by Rev Andrew Johnson
  18. China Syndrome by Paul Biscoe & Dick Osborne
  19. Kenya-A Mirror on Africa by Jim Ellis-Jones

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