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Stewards for 2017-2018

 July 2017                          George Hillyard                  Paul Biscoe

August 2017                       Dickie Bird                          Cliff Hayes

September 2017                Simon Wilden                      Ian Chappell

October 2017                     Derek Hardy                         Mike Jarrard

November 2017                 Peter Aspinall                      Dick Osborne

December 2017                 Malcolm Newman                 David Burton

January 2018                      Andrew Johnson                  Ian Daye

February 2018                    Bob Knowles                         David Swain

March 2018                         Jim Ellis Jones                      James Knight

April 2018                            Howard Mann                        Myles Greenhalgh

May 2018                             George Hillyard                   Derek Hardy

June 2018                            Dickie Bird                            Cliff Hayes

 Please note:  If you are unable to act as a steward at any time during your allocated month, it is your responsibility to arrange a swap with another Club member.

 Many thanks for your assistance.

 Colin Dowding




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