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Procedure for Inviting and Hosting Speakers

In January 2017 it was agreed that each Club Member will assume responsibility for organising at least one meeting per year either by giving a talk or arranging a suitable speaker.
To ensure continuity the Programme published by Paul Biscoe shows a nominated Club Member to find a speaker on a specific date.
It is clear that, at the moment, this process for speaker finding is not working.
Members have either not read and/or understood the process or not even looked at the programme to see which dates they have been allocated. These failings are causing the Club difficulties because
  1. Members wishing to invite guests as potential new members do not know if there will be a speaker and what might be the topic.
  2. The interest in attendance may decline if there is not a full and interesting programme of talks etc.
Club Members responsible finding a speaker should inform Paul Biscoe as soon as possible about the details (name and topic) so that the programme can be updated. The earlier that this is done the better, indeed there is no problem and many advantages in  working 3-6 months ahead. 
The Club Member will also be responsible for ensuring that the Speaker is hosted, a vote of thanks is organised and a follow up “thank you” note issued.
The schedule published in the programme is obviously flexible and can be adjusted to suit existing commitments and holidays. If necessary can members please arrange to swap dates with another Club Member and notify Paul Biscoe so that the programme can be kept up to date. Care should be taken to ensure that a Club Member is not organising/hosting a Speaker and stewarding on the same evening.
Traditionally our speakers have not charged for their time, although their meal expense has been covered by The Club and this will continue. In exceptional cases, travel expenses & a small fee can be considered, but please check with either Colin Dowding or Barry Collett first before making a commitment on behalf of The Club.
13 July 2017


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