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Heart Matters

At the meeting  on 28 November Ann Parker and David Ward certainly did show that heart matters, becauise it needs to be pumping all the time otherwise...."another one bites the dust!"

David explained the importance of rapid action in the event of a heart attack and ably demonstrated how to use a defibrillator. In getting his point across and to aid the memory he said first remember DRS
D look for danger as you approach

R seek a response from the patient

S shout for help

David showing what a defibrillator looks like

He then went on to explain that once an attempt had been made to revive the patient then revert to ABC

A airway to be opened

B breathing to be checked and maintained

C cardiopulmonary resusitation (CPR) to be started

David showing how to deliver CPR.

The members had plenty of questions for both David and Ann indicating their desire to be fully conversant with the procedure and the use of defibrillators.

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