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Handover Night

Tuesday 4 July was not only Independents Day  in the USA but also in the Rotary Club as President Dr Simon Wilden regained his independence following an effective but demanding year as Club President. Prior to handing the mantle to incoming President Colin Dowding he thanked all the members for their hard work, dedication and support during his year. He referred to a number of highlights of his year including the first "murder mystery" event; the support from the Coop initiative, as well as continuing involvement with Tools for Self Reliance and senior citizens lunch. In his view the Club punches well above its weight and he read the list of financial support provided by the Club to a wide range of local and international charities. The incoming officers were then welcomed into their office by the Club.

   Dr Simon Wilden presenting new President                          While President Colin struggles to get  the
Colin Dowding with his chain of office                              Vice President regalia over David Swain's head


Colin Dowding presents President Nominee                           Colin Dowding congratulating Barry Collett
Bob Knowles with his regalia                                                             on yet another year as Secretary


Finally Past President Dr Simon Wilden receives and nearly loses his Past president medal. Well done Simon on your year.

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