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Grahamstown Project

Joint project with Grahamstown Sunset in South Africa
The Rotary Clubs of Barton-le-Clay and Grahamstown Sunset are supporting community development activities in the Eastern Cape – one of the poorest provinces of South Africa.
The Sunset Club identified Luzuko Nursery School in Grahamstown for a pilot project for improving the nutritional status of young children. The two clubs are working hand-in-hand with the school principal, the parents and the Governing Body of the School to ensure maximum community support.
The underlying principle is to help people who are keen to better their own lives, but who need initial support. Initial project is to establish a system that enables a variety of vegetables to be produced under irrigation using rainwater harvested from school roof tops. Rotarians from the Sunset Club are working with parents and have now replaced a leaking roof, fitted facia boards and gutters; and built foundations to support a large water tank, (see photos) with the aid of £400 grant from the Barton Rotary Club.

Training in gardening techniques and planting of vegetables started in October. The project is being supported by four local Interact Clubs and a student organisation that is working with Luzuko Nursery School. Following the initial grant from Barton Rotary Club, the two Clubs are helping to raise funds ensuring that training is maintained so that the school, parents and children gain skills through these “self-help” activities. This ensures cooperative effort with the “beneficiaries” being active participants and keeping their dignity instead of waiting for hand-outs.
Lessons learnt from this pilot project will be invaluable in broadening the scope of activities through expansion to other nursery schools to incorporate income earning activities including handicrafts, small scale poultry production and life skills training workshops. Funding for this is being sort.
Although the Rotary Club of Barton-le-Clay is physically far from the project, friendship links have been established and the Project is a fine example of The Rotary Family at work!

Further progress was made with this project when Este Coetzee visited Barton Rotary Club in January and discussed the application forms and process with President George Hillyard.

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