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Club welcomes DG Cheryl Law

 The Club was delighted to welcome DG Cheryl Law to its meeting on 21 November. Cheryl eschewed top table to sit among members getting to know them better and certainly kept them awake and attentive during the meeting.

Jim Ellis-Jones seems somewhat surprised by the line of questioning from the DG

When she addressed the Club Cheryl explained that although she has only been a Rotarian for 8 years; wow a meteoric rise to the top; she has been associated with Rotary for much longer. She is passionate about the gift Rotarians have to help others in both the big and small ways.

For once Mike Jarrard seems lost for words in trying to respond to the DG's question.

She went on to reveal that the average of Rotarians in RIBI is 74; which makes Barton one of the younger Clubs! To address declining membership she said that Rotarians must get out and be seen and congratulated the Club on their enthusiastic involvement with the Barton lights initiative.  Public image is essential she said and indicated that RIBI have some excellent material available and Denise Creisson can provide useful ideas to clubs. Polio eradication is still high on the agenda especially as many parents in USA are no longer immunising children against polio.

Cheryl also reiterated her views on what defines a Rotarian and these are presented below

Chery then raised an excellent opportunity for Rotary to have a very high profile in conjunction with the very well-known charity “Horatio’s Garden” . They are building a garden at Stoke Mandeville hospital and due to recent building work there is the opportunity to make a “secret garden”. The District has been offered the opportunity to fund this at a cost of £5,000 or about £100/Club and achieve the publicity that will go with it.  President Colin Dowding immediately asked the club if they would support Cheryl’s request for £100 for the “secret garden” and this was unanimously agreed and a cheque was immediately made available.

President Colin getting a hug from the DG after making the cheque available for the "secret garden"

In conclusion President Colin Dowding thanked Chery for coming and for her enthusiastic and direct approach to the issues facing Rotary in the District and in RIBI.

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