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Sage Words

This was the title of the talk given by Club member Cliff Hayes on 27 March 2018. Cliff is well known for his ability to use and abuse the English language being a first-class solver of cryptic crosswords and his ability to produce anagrams and puns at will.

Cliff getting ready to talk to the Club

Cliff had delved into the archives of the language to find 50 words that were once in common use. To help his audience associate with the words he presented them in accordance with one’s daily routine starting with waking up. The Club were hugely entertained not only by the choice of word but its pronunciation and meaning, which can be found in the attached presentation..

As he stood to thank  Cliff,  Derek Hardy apologised for his through cough but then went on to say that invariably most of the best talks to the Club are indeed from our own members.

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