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Visit to Military Intelligence Museum

 The Club meeting on Tuesday 25 July was a visit to the Military Intelligence Museum at Chicksands by a group of over 30 Rotarians and their guests.  Following a brief welcome by the Museum’s curator Bill Steadman the group were divided into two and the guides (whose identities cannot be revealed for security reasons) explained  the two major components of the Museum.

Club members and guests arrive at the Museum

The central Collection in the Museum is the Intelligence Corps Collection, which includes artefacts and special exhibits about the history and activities of the Corps as well as two specific displays: one recording the Honours and Awards received by members of the Corps and the other 'In the Name of the Rose,' a memorial to Corps members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their Sovereign and their country.

The second key Collection is the Medmenham Collection devoted to aerial photography and image analysis. This highlights the use of 3D imagery, initially in the first World War and then again with huge success in World War II and the Cold War.

A selection of the equipment used to identify relevant information from photographs

Model showing how pidgeons were used for aerial reconnaissance, picture of real thing in background

A further highlight is the SOE display housing a comprehensive collection of artefacts brought over from post-war France and displayed in an innovative diorama with touch-screen displays bringing it to life. This display also commemorates over 600 members of the Intelligence Corps who served in SOE.

The SOE displays which feature items of equipment actually used in covert and resistance operations

At the end of the tour David Swain presented the Museum with a donation and thanked the guides for the informative and interesting presentation of the exhibits. The party then adjourned to the Jolly Coopers at Wardhedges for an enjoyable lunch and excellent fellowship.

David Swain is to be congratulated on organising the visit with his usual attention to detail and military precision.

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