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All about bees.

Gill Brewer from the Bedfordshire Association of Beekeepers started her presentation off with a quiz for members and their guests. This quiz, shown below,

got everyone thinking, with intense discussion about speeds, eyes, legs and smells. It turned out that every one of these statements is true.

Gill Brewer (left) explaining to Past President Dr Simon Wilden that he did not get all the answers right.

The quiz was followed by a fascinating presentation on all aspects of bees and bee keeping. Gill had the audience enthralled by the many different aspects there were to bees, their sexual activity and their lives.

Members and guests avidly discussing Gill's excellent presentation

In thanking Gill, Peter  Aspinall echoed the feeling of all those present, that we had indeed been treated to a master class in the skill and science of the subject.

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